Ever Logistics Services:

Ever Logistics is developing cost effective distribution solutions that match the needs of the customer and has always developed products / services to suit the requirements and help customer to reduce distribution cost and increase efficiency. Ever multi-mode transportation service: Road - Rail - Air - Ocean, unmatched reach, wide route network, well built infrastructure and a strong technology ensures that every customer gets an integrated, seamless and cost effective solutions right from planning, transportation, routing till delivery.

We are a leading provider of freight transportation management services for small to mid-size businesses. Ever Logistics combines competitive rates and high standards of quality in its services, offering you the most efficient way to transport your cargo. We can move your cargo by surface, train and air. Your loads are same important to us no matter how big or how small they are. Our company headquarters are located in Bangalore, India. We also hold satellite offices in Delhi, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


Surface Express

Ever Logistics offers a complete range of express distribution services for small to mid-size businesses which gives you the flexibility to choose as per your business requirement. Whether it is door-to-door delivery of your packages or the need to send time sensitive cargo across India; its unmatched multimodal network, offers seamless connectivity by different modes to take your shipment down to the last mile. Surface express service offers customized value added services to meet customer’s requirements.:


Ever logistics services that is designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses, where reliability and time are of paramount importance. Air Express Service provides round the clock services and time sensitive express deliveries. Within Air Express Service network, deliveries are made in same day or 24 to 72 hours depending on distance. Strong relationship with all the major airlines and specialized infrastructure enables it to deliver in all major metros in 24hrs and Mini Metros and A class cities in 48hrs.

Air Express


Third Party Logistics

Train cargo mode which is very much cheaper and faster way to deliver your consignments. By Train you can deliver your material faster than the surface mode and saves the money which can be spend by Air Cargo. We provide a comprehensive range of Train Freight services; depend on the location. These are cost effective services which we provided as per the convenience of the customers. We offer these services as per the given information by our valued clients. We are having our own VP’s, SLR in Indian Trains & are providing excellent train logistics services and rail cargo services, Domestic Services in Cost effective way.


EVER logistics FTL takes care of the full truckloads at national level in metric ton capacities of 3, 4.5,6, 9, 16 and thereafter in trailers of specific sizes. Ever logistics FTL loads are point-to-point hard freight options catering to corporate and traders at more than 150 delivery stations countrywide.More time to focus on other aspects of your business - We understand you have a lot to worry about with your small to medium-sized business. That is why we seek to cut your time spent on shipping. Not only time spent shipping and receiving goods, but time spent waiting for them to actually ship.

Third Party Logistics


Third Party Logistics

Ever logistics offers array of value added services that cater to every need of your business.

  • FOD (Freight-on-delivery) paying at the time of delivery.
  • COD/DOD Collection of draft/cheque on your behalf at the time of delivery.
  • Holiday & Sunday Pick-up/Delivery.
  • Octroi Clearing Facility on behalf of customers.
  • Documentation Assistance on legal/statutory requirements including permits, forms & clearance.


Ever Logistics offers corporate account services to our larger customers that have the need or desire to manage many aspects of their logistical needs. These corporate services can provide cost/shipping control, carrier rate/tariff, corporate shipment visibility, as well as, custom integration of Ever Logistics shipping portal and user management. We realize and understand that “one size does not fit all”. We configure our module of flexible, scalable services into what you need to reduce your over all backroom shipping costs. Corporately you’ll receive a logistics solution that improves your supply chain and enhances the value of our services to your business and to your customer’s experience.

Third Party Logistics


Third Party Logistics

We at Ever Logistics are a leading 3rd party logistics company that specializes in distribution services. With over 12 years of 3rd party logistics experience, an expansive carrier network and cutting edge technology our customers can quickly reduce their shipping and logistic costs by utilizing our easy to use and streamlined services. Saving has never been easier. Let Ever Logistics’ 3rd party logistic expertise handle the complex tasks of carrier rating, logistics and routing.

Less paperwork, no phone calls. Just streamlined distribution.
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Customer's satisfaction is our fundamental objective, We combine the skills and experience of our operations managers to design, implement and operate logistics solutions that improve the transit period


A more strategic and scientific approach to logistics challenges. We follow your cargo from the beginning of its journey to the end of its delivery and continously monitor our drivers via tracking 24/7 ensuring on time & safe deliveries.


Our rates are efficient and time sensitive .They are aware that when you need a rate you need it now and you need it to be competitive .We can accomplish both. You can phone in for rate or use the website, either way you request will be processed in a timely fashion